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Taking Up Space: POC, MOC and Bigger Bodied?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The space my body takes up has always been hard for me to be at peace with. This past year I’ve started identifying more and more as masculine of center, which in some ways has made me feel even more at odds with my body. The body positive movement has many positive aspects, but one I have found lacking in total inclusivity. It’s hard at times to feel so at home in “men’s” clothing, but then see myself in said clothing and feel good about how I look.

I find that often masculine of center folx are portrayed mainly as thinner bodies - bodies that can more easily fit into men’s clothing. We celebrate “curvy” women within this movement, but I hardly see representation of bigger bodied masculine identified or gender non conforming folx. So today I just wanted to share a message for any and all that feel like this. Let’s work harder as a community to celebrate ALL fat and bigger bodies, however they are presented to us. Let’s support in taking up all the space we need. By Lindsey Page,

Founder, Radically Fit


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