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Radically Fit Spring Fundraiser

Since opening our doors in the summer of 2018, Radically Fit has been a space for folks to find joy in movement while cultivating community in a space that truly celebrates every body. We have offered a space where Black and Brown folks, queer and trans folks & bigger bodied and fat folks are not only prioritized, but centered. We have offered classes like Powerlifting to help folks feel empowered, dance to encourage free movement, boxing to kick some ass & mobility to reduce the chance of injuries. We also offer specialized classes for our most marginalized communities like Black and Brown Queers, Trans and GNC, Big Buff babes for fat and bigger bodied folks . We have had amazing instructors work hard to keep this community nourished & have seen members build and grow their own circles here. When we had to bring our business completely online for over a year, we were able to connect with folks-all over the world. We have grown over the past (almost) four years, and our goal is to be able to continue that growth, and we need your help to make that happen.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 we were sure it would just be a few weeks. Flash forward to the start of a 3rd year in this pandemic and continued uncertainty around when our gym will return to running at full capacity. Although we have managed to keep our doors open, it has been incredibly hard to grow in the way we had projected at the beginning of this journey. We want to be able to continue to offer the community here in Oakland a safer place to move their bodies & continue to empower folks through movement. As we reopen our doors again, we are asking for help from communities far and wide to raise 60k to help keep our doors open through another year of this pandemic.

This 60k will help pay rent over the next year and assist in new class additions, keeping staff together & laying the foundation for further growth in the years to come. We have always strived to make fitness accessible to everyone, and that includes financially. We have reduced the cost of BIPOC personal training as well as a sliding scale membership that allows folks to come to the gym for whatever they can pay, no strings attached & we need your help to continue to be able to offer this! We have asked folks in our community to donate offerings to raffle off for the fundraiser and the prizes are incredible. You can donate certain amounts to be entered in a raffle for the offerings we will have. We want y'all to donate whatever you can, and felt that this was a great way to involve our members near and far.

Thank you for continuing to support our mission & our community. Radically Fit is an incredibly special place that has been built by many hands, and we hope to continue to grow, learn, improve & serve our communities here in Oakland and all over the country.


community offerings

Fundraiser & Raffle Update...

We did it! Our Spring Fundraiser is complete, and we raised over $20k! AMAZZZIIINNGGG!! We are so, so grateful for these incredible donations from community all over. It is such a testament to the strength of community that we were able to raise money and help us keep going this year. 

Offerings Part 1 - 2022 Fundraiser.png

Favianna Rodriguez

Green Abundance Print

raffle $25 donation / value $45

Favianna Rodriguez (she/her/hers) is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist based in Oakland, California. Her art and praxis address migration, gender justice, climate change, racial equity, and sexual freedom. Her creative practice boldly challenges entrenched myths and cultural practices, while embodying the YES of a pluralistic future.

Jayda Shuavarnnasri

Signed Printed Collection

of Poems & Stories

raffle $25 donation / value $50

Jessica Lanyadoo

Signed Copy of Astrology For Real Relationships

raffle $25 donation / value $50

Jayda Shuavarnnnasri (she/they)  is a queer Southeast Asian sexuality & relationship educator. Also known as Sex Positive Asian Auntie, she works to liberate folks from sexual shame by creating space for authentic conversations about sexuality, relationships, identity and healing. The topics that excite her most are sexual exploration, identity, transformative justice, and non-conventional relationships.

Jessica Lanyadoo (she/her) is an Astrologer & psychic medium, the host of the popular weekly Astrology + Advice show, Ghost of a Podcast, the author of Astrology For Real Relationships, co-founder of Zodiac The Vote, and the mastermind behind the astrology pro-tool, Astrology for Days. Lanyadoo has lectured extensively and has spent 30 years honing her skills. She can also be found all over the internet and at

coloring cake & tickets
Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser.png

Jay Katelansky

Signed 11"x15" Risograph Print

raffle $25 donation / value $45

Jay Katelansky (she/her/they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist. She is currently living and working in Oakland, California. She earned her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design and her MA and MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her work questions how Black bodies, including her own, navigate space in the United States.


Nicky Gervacio

2 Signed Copies of People of Coloring Coloring Books

raffle $25 donation / value $45

Nicky (she/they) is a dance instructor at Radically Fit and a featured artist in People of Coloring's Volume 1 Issue 1 coloring book.


People of Coloring makes coloring books that are for, by, and about people of color.

Each coloring book is co-created with communities of color to visibilize and affirm our experiences.


Z Space

2 Tickets to The Red Shades

(Winner + Friend)

raffle $25 donation / value $60

Z Space – a multi-faceted non-profit performance venue based in the Mission District of San Francisco – empowers artistic risk, collaboration, & camaraderie amongst artists, audience, & community in the service

of creating, developing, & presenting new work.


The Red Shades is a trans superhero rock opera created by local artist Adrienne Price. Mixing elements of rock concert and musical theater, The Red Shades tells the story of Ida, a teenage trans girl, who runs away from her small-town life to join a gang of trans superheroes squatting in the Tenderloin.

The show runs from Oct 13-Nov 5.

Pictured is Tommy Clifford Carlos (she/her). Photos by Tristan Crane.

MoMo offerings

Pepita's Cakes

6” Raspberry Lemon

Creme Cake

raffle $50 donation / value $70

Pepita’s Cakes is a plant-based Cakery in the east Bay Area that is committed to sharing beautiful and delicious baked goods without compromising compassion or integrity.


Genevieve Mossey

Box with Rose Candles from Gemini Moon Botanicals

raffle $25 donation / value $60

Genevieve Mossey (she/her) is the owner and operator of Gemini Moon Botanicals.


Gemini Moon Botanicals is an Oakland based queer/ mixed xicanx owned candle shop based in Oakland, CA. Locally sourced beeswax, organic coconut oil, and essential oils are the base of all of our botanical-inspired candles. We dye our candles using eco-dye, which is made with a renewable solvent system which contains no parabens, phthalates, or Prop 65 ingredients.

Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser.jpg


Dinner for 2

raffle $50 donation / value $75

Understory is a worker-led restaurant and bar that features Moroccan, Mexican, Lao, and Filipino food in unceded Ohlone territory.

Dinner for two - two entrees and an appetizer OR dessert to share.

Donate to join the raffle!

New Community Offering!

accountability & body

Wendy Woodhead

$30 Gift Card & 6" Potted Plant from Knots & Found

raffle $50 donation / value $80

Knots & Found aims to create community through plants, knowledge sharing and human connection. They offer plants for everyone's comfort level and love to highlight local makers!


"We pride ourselves in being your friendly neighborhood plant shop."

Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser(1).jpg

Home Base Spirits 

Home Base Bourbon & Home Base Single Malt

raffle $75 donation / value $120

Home Base Spirits produces unique spirits and liqueurs highlighting sustainably farmed grains and California botanicals. Home Base was founded in 2015 by twin sisters born and raised in Oakland—their home base-- and believes spirits should be fun, made with premium ingredients, and accessible for everyone (over 21!).

Home Base Spirits is offering a pair of Home Base whiskies: one 750 ml bottle of flagship Home Base Bourbon and one 750 ml bottle of Home Base Single Malt.

Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser.png

Lianna & Veronica

Large Flower Arrangement

& 5"x 7" Art Print

from With My Sister

raffle $150 donation / value $250

Lianna - Tattoo Artist (she/her) & Veronica - Florist (she/her/they) are a Filipino-American duo who have a special relationship with all things floral. Together, they created With My Sister-- a design studio in Oakland, focused on botanical fine line tattoos and event floral design. As first generation immigrants, they knew that creating this funky, colorful & unique space for themselves would inspire others to make the leap as well. The offer includes local delivera (13 miles of 94609) or winner can pick up from the shop in North Oakland.

_ (2).png

Elena Gross

1 Year Family Membership to MoAD

raffle $50 donation / value $89.99

Daria Garina

Centered Accountability Course

raffle $75 donation / value $100

Natalia Rose

1:1 Private Yoga Session

(75 minutes)

raffle $77 donation / value $111

Elena Gross (she/they) is the Director of Exhibitions & Curatorial Affairs at Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco and an independent writer and culture critic living in Oakland, CA. Her research has been centered around conceptual and material abstractions of the body in the work of Black modern and contemporary artists.

Member benefits include: unlimited free admission for two & all children under 12 of Member's household, invitations to special events hosted by partner organizations, invitations to opening night for all major exhibitions, 10% discount at Museum Store ...and more!

Daria (he/him) is a neurodivergent, transgender refugee of Russian & Chinese-Kazakhstani descent. At Accountability Mapping, Daria teaches Transformative Justice skills through the body, helping people align their actions with what deeply matters to them. The practice came to him in a dream.


Donating access to the Centered Accountability Course: a self-guided resource for aligning your actions with your values and embodying your highest self. You'll learn a model to help you understand over, under and centered accountability, practices to move through overwhelming emotions and connect to your highest self, transformative justice education and more. This course is already free to QTBIPOC.

Natalia (she/they) is a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, clairsentient psychic,and starseed that was born and raised in the East Bay. Part of their life mission is to help others realize their potential and step into a higher vibration aligned with their best self and most joyous existence through movement and other modalities. Yoga was the gateway to their healing, and they love to share it because they know firsthand it is a vehicle for deep transformation and energetic/emotional healing.

longterm offerings
Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser(4).png
Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser.png

Rae Black

Traditional Boxing Lesson

(1 hour)

raffle $60 donation / value $120

Rae (they/them) of Black Training offers boxing and fitness for ALL. Boxing is a truly unique, challenging way to build strength and connect with your body. Rae has over 17 years of training and coaching experience, and keeps clients motivated by instilling confidence in their fitness journey.

Cal Light

Massage by Calibration Fitness

(1 hour)

raffle $75 donation / value $125

Cal Light (they/them) of Calibration Fitness

is a transmasculine, queer, white, able-bodied, non-binary massage therapist and personal trainer. Through active listening and knowledge of multiple modalities, Cal works to bring relief from tension and stress that their clients experience physically within their bodies. Their aim is to help people experience more peace and harmony inside and out.

Chloé Brault

Tailored Proficiency-Based French Lesson for Beginners or Intermediate Learners

(1 hour / Winner + 3 Friends)

raffle $75 donation / value $150

Chloé (she/her/elle) is a full-time teacher-creature and part-time PhD candidate working on French and Francophone literature. She strives everyday to make academia a little more gay!

Learn more about Chloé

Chloe on Twitter

Anchor 4


Vibes & Verses Workshop

(Winner + 3 Friends)

raffle $75 donation / value $150-$200

Part of Radically Fit & InPower Inc.

Mozell (Ze/Zirs/Them) is also known as MoMo is a trans fluid social worker and yoga practitioner. They center on sexuality/intimacy education, sensual guiding, and portals of play. Some days they are a Twerk Fairy dancing with Sunflowers under the moon night.

A 60-minute workshop dedicated to free-writing, poetry, and story sharing. This open mic has an added movement component where we move the words through our bodies. Folks can do so by self-reflection and stretching.



Cozy Corner

(Winner +3 Friends)

raffle $75 donation / value $150-$200

Part of Radically Fit & InPower Inc.

Mozell (Ze/Zirs/Them) is also known as MoMo is a trans fluid social worker and yoga practitioner. They center on sexuality/intimacy education, sensual guiding, and portals of play. Some days they are a Twerk Fairy dancing with Sunflowers under the moon night.

A communal cyberspace circle where MoMo facilitates teachings from Audre Lorde and Bell Hooks centered in feeling deeply, the embodiment of love and joy. There will be a seated meditation and guided reflections.



Trap Yoga Flow

(Winner + 3 Friends)

raffle $75 donation / value $150-$200

Part of Radically Fit & InPower Inc.

Mozell (Ze/Zirs/Them) is also known as MoMo is a trans fluid social worker and yoga practitioner. They center on sexuality/intimacy education, sensual guiding, and portals of play. Some days they are a Twerk Fairy dancing with Sunflowers under the moon night.

This is a high-energy cardio flow of dance and yoga. There are sun salutations that are mixed into hip openers to increase core strength and decrease back pain.

Anchor 1
Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser(1).png

Molly Marriner

Editorial Coaching Session

(1 hour)

raffle $75 donation / value $150

Kimmie Singh

Fat-Positive Nutrition

Q&A Session (45 minutes)

raffle $125 donation / value $200


Self Defense Class

(Winner + 3 Friends)

raffle $125 donation / value  $200

Molly she/her) is a multifaceted writer. By day, she's a content design lead at Pinterest specializing in tricky UX projects, and she also loves helping local businesses, advocates, artists with storytelling and design work as well. Her biggest passion projects may be her weirdo zines and creative projects with her friends. Twist her arm! She'll gladly talk to you about any of this (or her hound dog).

Have a website, presentation, pitch, or dream journal you're looking to develop? Molly Marriner is a writer/designer for big apps, local brands, and weirdo personal zines, and will spend an hour in a virtual room with you (or coffeeshop!) to provide feedback, copyediting, design tips, or whatever you need to help take your words to the next step.

Kimmie Singh (she/her) is a fat Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist based in New York City. She is the owner of Body Honor Nutrition, a nutrition private practice that supports individuals to heal their relationships with food and body. Kimmie supports her clients with a fat-positive and anti-oppressive framework and has a special passion for working with people that have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Cha (she/her) is a queer Filipinx who has been doing combat martial arts for 15 years. She holds a black belt in a freestyle martial art, a brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and practices other weapon arts. She teaches self-defense workshops and seminars around the Bay Area.

Donate to join the raffle!

Anchor 3

Angie Coleman

Intro to Web3/NFTs/Crypto Session (1 hour)

raffle $150 donation / value $250

Angie (she/her) is the creator and host of Web3Weirdos, a new YouTube series introducing everyday people to crypto, NFTs, and the web3 ecosystem. A self-described modern-day renaissance woman, Angie has deep experience building communities centered around technology. When she's not exploring the backcountry or playing with her new pup in the city, she's helping others break into tech, understand the language, and opening doors for everyone interested.

Web3 is the next layer of the internet, and while we're early, it's already taking over the world. If we don't want to get left behind, it's crucial we understand how this technology works & how we leverage it for our own benefits.

Ari Turrentine

Small Business Consulting

Session (1 hour)

raffle $150 donation / value $250

Ari (she/her) is a nonprofit Finance and HR professional who is building organizations where all folks can thrive and do their best work. Ari is into running, lifting heavy stuff,

and ceramics.

Rocco Foronda

Custom Small/Medium Redwood Planter Box by Beefcake Construction

raffle $150 donation / value $250-$300

Rocco (they/them) is a Filipinx, queer, transmasculine, aspiring carpenter and lifelong jack of all trades. The 2020 lockdown quickly turned their carpentry hobby into a quarantine side hustle. In addition to decks and other outdoor pieces, raised beds and planter boxes are Beefcake Construction’s most requested builds!

Anchor 2
Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser(1).png

Inbal Sansani

Laser Coaching Session Engaging Your Fear to Create Choice & Aligned Action

raffle $250 donation / value $350

Inbal (she/her) is a transformational coach who supports women to create whole and fulfilling lives that do not sacrifice them or their values. Inbal collaborates with women to gain greater clarity and alignment with their inherent worth, needs and desires; choose consciously; and lead intentional lives from their power within. As a practitioner, Inbal draws on multiple modalities within a feminist, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed approach. Learn more about Inbal's work at


In this powerful 90-minute session, you will receive deep & practical support to identify and cull the wisdom from a core fear. This process will help to open up a greater sense of safety & possibility and, from there, we will strategize clear and aligned action steps toward your goals.

Blake Cole

$100 Gift Card & Custom Virtual Cocktail Class at

Friends and Family

raffle $250 donation / value $350

Blake Cole (she/her) of Friends and Family

...your favorite cocktail bar in Oakland!


Proudly a woman + queer owned business.


$100 gift card ( dinner + drinks) custom virtual cocktail class - for up to 6 people (winner +5). Host's choice of 3 classic cocktails to learn step by step instruction, shopping list and recipes and ceramics.

Dr. Kristan Cassady, DC

Chiropractic Adjustments by Aligned Wellness Oakland

raffle $250 donation / value $355

Dr. Kristan Cassady (she/her/hers) created Aligned Wellness, a queer-led health and wellness collective in 2019. She and her practitioners are dedicated to providing quality chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture for underrepresented communities. She has cultivated a health model that challenges the current standard by prioritizing a POC centered, queer and trans-inclusive, fat positive space.

Includes 1 initial exam & 4 chiropractic adjustments. *Adjustments must be used within 3 months of the initial exam.

Anchor 5
Offerings Part 2 - 2022 Fundraiser(3).png

Val Sepada

3 Private Boxing Lessons

raffle $250 donation / value $360

Val (she/her) is a bigger bodied queer woman of color with over 15 years of experience boxing. She wanted to try to be semi pro but moved to the bay before she had her first bout. Val's been with us for over 3 years and has taught high intensity, abs, bands, and Baes Who Box. Val is known around her for her vibrant energy and encouragement. It's impossible not to laugh or smile while working hard with Val! Fitness has brought Val love, respect, appreciation, and gratitude for her body in all its forms, and she wants everyone to experience this freeing and empowering feeling.


Andi Smiles

Bad Ass Business

Finance Course

raffle $350 donation / value $697

Andi Smiles (she/her), small business financial consultant and coach, teaches business owners to take control of their finances. She’s helped thousands of self-employed folx organize and understand their business finances, while also uncovering their emotional relationship with money. Andi’s core belief is that when business owners are engaged with their finances, their personal awareness around money deepens, creating more sustainable and authentic businesses.


Bad Ass Business Finance is an online step by step program for self-employed folx ready to build healthy financial habits in their lives.


Rachel Facio LMFT

& Stacey Sherell LMFT

Relationship Roadmap Course by Decoding Couples

raffle $250 donation / value $495

Rachel Facio (she/her) & Stacey Sherrell (she/her) are two licensed marriage and family therapist's whose mission is to take the complications out of communication, help you break unhealthy patterns and connect in a way that makes your grandma blush.

3-online self-paced courses called the Relationship Roadmap by Decoding Couples.

Offerings Part 1 - 2022 Fundraiser(1).png

Karen Santos

Creative Studio Portrait Session

(1 hour + 5 edits)

raffle $600 donation / value $1200


Personal Training Package

(3 months - 1x week)

raffle $700 donation / value $1440

Karen Santos is a first generation Peruvian-American commercial portrait photographer based in Oakland, CA. Her background in performing arts and art history fuels her process, deeply inspired by emotion, movement, and storytelling. Much of her curiosity about an individual's human experience and emotionality is what drew her to portrait photography, establishing her portrait niche in the Bay Area, LA, and NYC. Although much of her clientele consists of Broadway performers and emerging TV/Film stars, Karen has also been sought out by publications, companies, organizations, and campaigns such as Billboard Magazine, Pepsi, Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign, and the Transgender District Public Awareness Campaign.

Luca (they/them) has been a personal trainer living and loving in Oakland for over five years.  As a queer person of color, they wanted to be able to open and run a gym for the LGTBQ/POC/Body Positive community. With the help and support of their community in Oakland, this dream became a possibility and Radically Fit was born. They are so grateful to be able to serve their community by doing something they truly love to do while reshaping people’s view of what “being fit” looks like. It’s all about empowerment & Luca is here to give you exactly that.

Donate to join the raffle!

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