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Community Agreements

Agreements: Radically Fit’s mission is to create a safe space for all who are present either in the physical space, or in the virtual space we are providing.

  • Respecting body and fat positivity. Community members and Radically fit will not comment on people’s bodies; how they move, or what they look like. We are prioritizing centering bigger bodied/fat folx in classes. As a straight sized ally/non fat or bigger bodied identified person, this looks like bringing awareness within you to classes in terms of how much space you take up. This can look like not assigning good/bad terminology to food, not discussing personal body insecurities when around other members of the gym and being cognizant of discussing triggers around food, body size, and different body abilities while working out in our space. We are centered in ensuring movements are accessible/adaptable for all body sizes.

  • Centering Black and Brown Folks. This space was created first and foremost for the Black and POC community. If you are a white person (including any POC who are white passing/assumed*) and choose to engage in this space we ask that you are continuing to analyze and be mindful of the space you take up physically, mentally and the effect your proximity to Black and POC folks has in our space. We ask that you prioritize Black and POC folks in this space. Examples of that could be, allowing Black/POC folks to access equipment first in group classes, waiting for Black/POC folks to ask questions and engage with the instructor first, following social cues from Black/POC folks before engaging with them. An example of a microaggression would be to refuse to learn how to pronounce someone’s name, even after being corrected, or asking where someone is “really from.”


  • Dismantling toxic masculinity within our space is something we are working on and ensuring our mission that all folx can workout in a space that is different and unique because it does not perpetuate toxic masculinity. When at Radically Fit we ask that you engage in the following way with all community members, with an emphasis on awareness directly concerning femme identified community members. Allow femmes to move their bodies without feeling peered at, do not offer unsolicited help/suggestions-rely on the instructors to engage with them instead. Do not bring up topics in conversation that are hyper masculine, or degrading to anyone who identifies as a woman. We ask that we all respect that working out in a gym with community is a very vulnerable way to move our bodies, and for our community specifically it is important to be intentional about how we interact with one another in this space. Our current working definition of toxic masculinity is: Behavior that perpetuates ideals held up by the patrichairy that involve power dynamics, oppressive idealizations that harm non white cis folx, . An example of Toxic Masculinity in gym spaces: Pain is weakness leaving the body” attitude (toxic masculinity + ableism) with self or towards others. Not showing “weakness” or trying to fit into a perceived standard of athleticism at the expense of one’s health/comfort in a group setting is problematic for example in situations where someone pushes their limits/strains but trying to brush it off and present as if it’s nothing, which can lead to serious injury, and also sends/reinforces the message to others that it’s not ok to say “this is too much for me”.


  •  We also acknowledge that toxic masculinity is derived from our oppressor, and all of us (masculine identifying, femme identifiying and everyone in between) can perpetuate this. What we are working towards is creating and sustaining a space where toxic masculinity is left at the door by everyone, and recognize that is an ongoing process that we all as individuals are working to deconstruct within ourselves. 


  • When engaging with Radically Fit we expect people to be aware and respectful of the way they interact with our trans/gnc community members. This looks like, but is not limited to respecting names (names can change frequently, check in with folks, listen and be aware of new changes), pronouns, change of pronouns, and not assuming different abilities/wants of those moving their bodies as trans folks in our space. Not taking up space that is specifically outlined for trans/gnc folks, and following the lead of the trainers when engaging with our trans/gnc community. Avoid using gendered language when possible. Examples of alternative language: you all, everyone, y’all, folks, friends, party people, team, etc. Microaggressions look like: assuming pronouns, and assuming abilities based on appearances.


  • Trainers should remember that many disabilities are invisible, and be aware of ableist language, and offer variations for exercises (and/or alternate) to make them accessible for all participants. Members should be made aware of that they have the right to ask for a variation or alternate exercise and to take breaks when needed. When having a conversation with a person using a wheelchair, get on eyelevel with with them. Before class, trainers should ask a (if new to them) participant/member what they think is important to know about them as far as participating in class/how their body does or doesn’t like to move/any pain, what type of assistance they might need etc. relevant info so that you can help look out for their wellbeing & safety and offer relevant variations that apply to their situation. All spaces shared by members (i.e. classes and events, online or irl) must be as physically and socially accessible as possible


○  wheelchair accessible entrances, washrooms, seating


○  sign language interpretation and/or live captioning


○  scent-free/scent-reduced spaces


○  ongoing reflections of abled, anglophone, middle/upper class and other intersecting privileges and supremacist cultures SOURCE: ​ 



  • General Gym Etiquette: 

    • Treat others the way they want to be treated.

    • Be mindful of using folks’ correct pronouns as a part of our practice of gender liberation.

    • We give each other grace, knowing that the work of undoing oppression is hard work, valued work, and work that asks us to continually reevaluate our own practices and how we engage with one another.

    • Respect differences within our community, “don’t yuck my yum.” Avoid statements that people might find offensive or hurtful after they have stated their own preferences/likes around something.

    • No shaming and/or belittling each other or ourselves. 

    • Before engaging in any physical touch (even friendly hugs, or pats on the back) we acknowledge we all have different physical boundaries and we will ask for consent to make that content as we seek to create a space where everyone feels safe and empowered in their own bodies. 


  • Community members don’t come to class under the influence of drugs and alcohol, staff do not teach under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While we understand and honor individuals choices to use drugs and alcohol in their personal lives, we feel the best way to ensure everyone’s safety physically, mentally and emotionally is to ask for a sober environment at the gym when moving our bodies together. Exercise your best judgement as far as use of medication that may cause drowsiness/dizziness, including medical marijuana for pain management.


  • Before starting class; together we take a moment to agree on centering safety, kindness and respect in this space where we move our bodies together.

Process for Conflict Transformation/Addressing Harm:


We have hired a Transformative Justice Collective to be on call in partnership with Radically Fit to reduce harm from future conflict that may arise.  Please see the PDF attachment to learn more on our conflict resolution process. You can also find the contact information for the collective we are in partnership with below. 

The Ripple Collective



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