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Radically Fit was built to serve the LGBTQ2S/BIPOC community by offering an inclusive, body positive, safe space for anyone to workout and build strong relationships.



I first fell in love with fitness shortly after my good friend passed away at a young age. We were 18, and it changed my life forever. I dealt with this death in many unhealthy ways, until I found the gym. I spent hours in the gym moving through grief by moving my body. After exercise helped to heal me, it quickly began to empower me. This empowerment was the catalyst for why I became a personal trainer. The things exercising (in all its forms) can do for our minds, bodies & souls continues to amaze me on a daily basis. Working out to feel empowered and to heal my emotional scars was the best gift I have ever given myself and it is the greatest gift I have been able to pass on to those I love.


As a queer person of color who doesn’t fit the fitness industry's expectations of what a trainer should look like-I have dealt with my fair share of body shaming and body hating. However, my perspective shifted after working in our community and being praised for my work instead of the physical aspects of my body. I got my first job as an intern at gym in Oakland, working with the Queer community. I had finally found my calling, and more importantly, I had started to build what would soon become my community here in Oakland. I knew after working there that I would be back one day to serve my community by of offering a body positive community gym for ALL of us.


It has been my absolute privilege to work with our community as a trainer, and I am beyond excited to take this leap in my career and offer this space for us. I promise to lead with kindness and genuine love for this community, I promise to ensure that ALL bodies are honored and supported at our gym and I promise to do anything and everything in my power to keep us safe and nourish our growth. Thank you to all who have supported me over the past 5 years as I made my journey to this point, and to those who continue to support me as we move forward together!


With love,

Luca Page

Founder of Radically Fit

Letter from the Founder


Meet our team!


Founder, Personal & Group Trainer

Luca has been a personal trainer living and loving in Oakland for over five years. After falling in love with working out, they wanted to share that passion with anyone who wanted to find it. As a queer person of color, they wanted to be able to open and run a gym for the LGTBQ/POC/Body Positive community. With the help and support of their community in Oakland, this dream became a possibility and Radically Fit was born. He is so grateful to be able to serve their community by doing something they truly love to do while reshaping people’s view of what “being fit” looks like. It’s all about empowerment & Luca is here to give you exactly that.



Group Trainer

Ivón's lived in the Bay Area for most of their life. They're passionate about creating spaces of love & joy rooted in collective liberation for the communities they're honored to be a part of. Their movement practice has transformed over the years from hiking to competitive sports like rugby, and Olympic weight training! They've been a member of Radically Fit since the gym's 2018 move to Fruitvale. The opportunity to engage in a fitness space that centers Queer & BIPOC sparked their interest in personal training. Ivón is eager to share not only their love of fitness & movement, but their love for RadFit with folks and we're so happy to have them on the team!


Group Trainer

Val is a bigger bodied queer woman of color with over

15 years of experience boxing. She wanted to try to be semi pro but moved to the bay before she had her first bout. Val's been with us for over 3 years and has taught high intensity, abs, bands, and Baes Who Box. Val is known around her for her vibrant energy and encouragement.

It's impossible not to laugh or smile while working hard with Val! Fitness has brought Val love, respect, appreciation, and gratitude for her body in all its forms, and she wants everyone to experience this freeing and empowering feeling.


Elba Morales Goostree was born and raised in the Bay Area. She holds her BA in Biblical Studies from Patten University in Oakland and a Master of Arts in Systematic and Philosophical Theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.

She is passionate about the intersections of social justice, religion, feminism, race, and the flourishing of the LGBTQ community in both social and religious spheres. She was a board member of the LTBTQ Latinx Roundtable from the Center of LGBT and Gender Studies in Berkeley for six years. Currently, she serves as board member for The Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County, and the advisory board of ALDES (an international organization that legislatively advocates for LGBTQ rights in El Salvador). Elba is the Director of Development for a permanent supportive housing non-profit agency in Contra Costa County. She is a cis queer/bisexual woman who lives in Oakland with her spouse, dog, and several succulents. She enjoys reading, traveling, comic books, and pointing out cute dogs. 


Zee Malinalxochitl is a self identified queer fat Xicana femme. Born & raised in Inglewood CA, she's been in the Bay since 2006. She's been an educator for 16 years and has been committed to racial justice, social equity and dismantling systems of oppression since before those terms were trendy (see her MEChA presidency in HS). She has consistent sat on various committees, boards and leadership organizations for the last 20 years, including Mayoral Advisory board, the Alumna Diversity Board (Scripps College) and the Mentoring Committee (for Urban Latinx Youth). Like all true Ravenclaws, she enjoys reading (nonfiction, science fiction and trashy YA dystopian novels), puzzles (all sorts), studying (anything really), spreadsheets (making them) and being part of the resistance (#Resist). Additionally, she enjoys lifting heavy shit for fun and building community with folx. She will never turn down a cupcake. She lives on stolen Ohlone land with her wife, Kate, two fur children and her feathered son. She looks forward to building a long lasting, fun, conscious fitness community.

Cloak: Luchadora Gold (or red- depending on the day)

Lipstick: Red (obviously)

Favorite exercise: Shivasna 

20210710_175501 (1).png


Group Dance Instructor

Nicky is a queer Pilipinx interdisciplinary artist and co-founder & co-director of the queer femme art collective We Rise Production. They have been leading dance classes, original choreography, and movement workshops in Oakland & the Bay Area since 2012. Nicky loves that dance offers us emotional release,  inspires us to be present, and nourishes resilience in the way it challenges and connects us with our mind, body, and spirit. They enjoy making space to feel pleasure and move through uncomfortability in matching movements to music and letting go with freestyle. A life-long learner, Nicky is influenced by the work of their Liberation Spring community and more recently by martial arts, especially Eskrima – a practice of their Visayan ancestors.

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Group Trainer

Angélica Guerrero (You can call her Angie!) believes in lifting as a practice of loving herself. An athlete in different disciplines since high school and through college – from cross country/long distance track to having fun exploring MMA and climbing – lifting is important to Angie as a practice of conscious bodily autonomy. Building power has taught her to take care of her body and belong in it. Angie first realized she wanted to begin taking HRT after a heavy deadlift set, and since then, has known that queer and trans people should lift. Angie believes everyone should have access to sport, and wants to build connections with people who are also excited about bringing athletic training to everyone. There are too many chuds in lifting, and deadlifts are very useful for flipping cop cars. Her inspirations include Megan thee Stallion, Tupac, Yukio Mishima, Gerald Horne interviews, strippers, the physical culture organizations of early 20th century socialists, and the trans girls who are always the ones on the frontlines of the riot and organizing your local rave. Angie demands transgender liberation in athletics, and further research and study of the experiences of transgender athletes.


Group Trainer & Dance Instructor

Mozell, also known as MoMo, is a trans, fluid, yoga practitioner. Ze believes liberation is magic that is created through full unapologetic expression. Hir mission is freedom through artistic and healing justice means. Momo's practice centers all melanated people with loving focus on LGBTQIA+ & QTBIPOC folks. Aligning with ze's belief in the sacred ancestral connection through movement, which powers hirs practice.



Group Instructor

Adele is a Jamaican-Guyanese American, Queer movement coach, energy worker, and one of the authors of Deconstructing the Fitness Industrial Complex.  As a client-centered coach who loves to co-create programs that meet your needs, your intentions and grander vision of yourself, Adele's modalities to teach are: calisthenics (bodyweight strength), animal locomotion, and soft acrobatics. These training styles really emphasize not only building strength but mobility, too. To Adele, they are not centered on creating a certain body aesthetic but on creating an inner sense of flow and ease. They are passionate about movement and exercise and deeply understand the importance of paying attention to our energetic anatomy, which is often experienced through the means of emotions, physical sensations, and ancestral patterns. They think part of feeling freer in our bodies is being able to hold space for, appreciate, and unravel what our cells are calling our attention towards so that we can grow. This is why Adele also supports people with emotional processing through the Lifeline Technique, which helps to align the body, mind, and spirit. "Energy never needs to be healed because it can never be broken. But sometimes we need a little support in helping it shift.  For that, I am here."

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Radially Fit in the News


Group Instructor

Hannah Sharifi is a movement lover and educator. With

5 years of experience of personal training and group fitness coach, Hannah has a B.S in kinesiology (study of human movement) and is Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and founded HanFit in 2020. HanFit is a virtual personal training, small group, in person, and fitness program creator business.

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