Personal Training

Want more 1-on-1 instruction and personalized workout regimens to help meet your needs, goals and desires? Our personal trainers, Emmet and Luca, are available for 1 hour sessions.


Please contact us for more information about timing and availability.

Cost Per Hour - $120


Cost Per Hour for Reduced Rate BIPOC Personal Training: $65 per hour

Meet our personal trainers
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LUCA  (they/them)

Personal training is a truly special service. I have been doing personal training for over 5 years. My ability to fine tune the needs of each individual to make them successful is what makes my personal training so effective. While I love working with folx from all walks of life, my specialties include:


Bigger Bodied and Fat-Identified Folks

I identify as a bigger bodied individual and can attest to the fact that being trained by a person who you can see yourself more closely reflected in can make a person feel safer and more affirmed.


Additionally, I understand how to present alternatives to exercises based on a person's body and comfort in such a way that is unique to someone who walks through life in a bigger body.


Black, Indigenous, People of Color

I am a person of color and understand how empowering it can be to move your body with other people of color. I am committed to creating a safe, positive fitness environment for all BIPOC, free of your typical negative experiences that can come with predominantly white fitness spaces.


In the end, I am here to help every client reach reach their goals. I strive to keep workouts new and interesting, challenging and empowering, and most importantly, fun! These workouts can vary from power lifting, olympic lifting, general strength and conditioning using body weight, and dumbbells/kettlebells, or just general foundational movements.


You will always feel like you got a hard workout when working with me, but the goal is to have you walk out the door after your session feeling accomplished and excited to come back.


FENYX  (she/her)

A lifelong interest in movement, athletics, and self exploration coupled with serious acute health concerns in my early 20's turned me onto the profession of personal training. I received my NASM CPT and began training in Oakland at 24hr Fitness. About 6 months later I began working for Crunch Fitness in SF where I stayed for nearly 4 years. In my time there I collected about 20 different certs, taught dozens of classes, became a Master Trainer, held solo workshops and seminars for my team, and was also asked to be a lead instructor for the in-house Personal Training School that helped aspiring trainers prepare to pass the NASM CPT exam as well as receive hands-on practical instruction and real-life application of the concepts they were learning.


I worked with many, many people in that timeframe - most of which trained with me for 3-4 years! I moved on to solo training in SF for about an additional year before taking a break from training altogether. Part of this was from the ongoing harassment I received as an Indigenous Womxn of Color and for being a confident and capable leader in my field (which most men in the industry *hate*) as well as feeling stagnant with my own athletic goals. I began training at a private gym in Oakland focusing on my new goal of competing in the sport of Weightlifting, and was eventually asked to teach classes in that space including Strength & Conditioning, Powerlifting and best of all Weightlifting! I also continued to expand my education, completing several more in-depth certifications, and began having a specialty for Strength training, athletic performance, Weightlifting, rehab/PT, mobility and neural training.


As an athlete, my background is in endurance based sports including cross country, track, soccer and trail running, and most recently I've trained competitively for Weightlifting for ~4yrs and Aerial Silks for ~2yrs (before lockdown!) and am now exploring Powerlifting and other fun stuff! I have an incredibly technical eye for performance and pain free training but I love movement to be inclusive and versatile, reminding myself it's all about diversity! Ultimately I want to explore human movement and expression, help others find their way and enjoy the journey! I believe all manner of exercise, sport and movement should be about empowerment of self and community connection, using education and passion to build sustainable and nurturing movement practice for all! 


ERICA (she/her)

Erica is a Queer, Black & Japanese personal trainer, dancer, and dedicated lover of movement. Many of her clients know her as a "movement doula," because of her non-conventional style of fitness and her supportive energy during client-sessions. She is currently receiving her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of San Francisco and is pursuing her therapy (MFT) license. Erica weaves together the personal, political, and somatic in her movement work. 


Combining yoga, strength training, and cardio, Erica has a unique style of personal training that deviates from the heteronormative culture of "fitness." Working with Erica means training with a loving and encouraging coach, who will not only challenge you physically, but will welcome you wherever you find yourself in your fitness journey.

Reduced Rate POC
Personal Training Program

We know that lots of folx might be considering fitness as a method self care and better health. But we also understand that taking the first step in a fitness journey can be intimidating.

It’s been shown that one of the best ways to overcome this uncertainty is through personalized, one on one training - a service we proudly offer at Radically Fit. However, there are often financial barriers which make personal training seem out of reach to underserved communities of color.

In support of Radically Fit's mission to center the needs to queer and trans people of color, we are are excited to share news of our POC Personal Training Program.

4 Incredible Weeks is Just the Beginning

As part of our POC Personal Training Program (POC PTP), we are looking for three people of color to receive one hour of personal training from Luca once per week for a period of four weeks at a reduced rate of $65/hr (normally $120/hr).

Program participants who are not current Radically Fit members will also be able to attend one free class per week of their choosing.

At the end of the four-week program, POC PTP participants are encouraged to continue benefiting from Radically Fit membership with the sliding scale Community Cares Program.