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Personal Training

Want more 1-on-1 instruction, partner or small group training, and personalized workout regimens to help meet your needs, goals and desires? Our personal trainers are available for 1 hour sessions.


Don’t live in Oakland but still want to experience affirming, inclusive, joyful movement? We got you! We offer virtual Personal Training sessions, too.


Please contact us for more information about timing and availability.

Cost Per Hour 1-on-1:  $150


Cost Per Hour for Reduced Rate BIPOC Personal Training 1-on-1:  $85 per hour

Cost Per Hour 2 people:  $190


Cost Per Hour 3+ people: Inquire

Meet our personal trainers






Personal training is a truly special service. I have been doing personal training for over 10 years. My ability to fine tune the needs of each individual to make them successful is what makes my personal training so effective. While I love working with folks from all walks of life, my specialties include:


Bigger Bodied and Fat-Identified Folks

I identify as a bigger bodied individual and can attest to the fact that being trained by a person who you can see yourself more closely reflected in can make a person feel safer and more affirmed.


Additionally, I understand how to present alternatives to exercises based on a person's body and comfort in such a way that is unique to someone who walks through life in a bigger body.


Black, Indigenous, People of Color

I am a person of color and understand how empowering it can be to move your body with other people of color. I am committed to creating a safe, positive fitness environment for all BIPOC, free of your typical negative experiences that can come with predominantly white fitness spaces.


In the end, I am here to help every client reach reach their goals. I strive to keep workouts new and interesting, challenging and empowering, and most importantly, fun! These workouts can vary from power lifting, olympic lifting, general strength and conditioning using body weight, and dumbbells/kettlebells, or just general foundational movements.


You will always feel like you got a hard workout when working with me, but the goal is to have you walk out the door after your session feeling accomplished and excited to come back.

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Adele is a Jamaican-Guyanese American, Queer movement coach, energy worker, and one of the authors of Deconstructing the Fitness Industrial Complex.  As a client-centered coach who loves to co-create programs that meet your needs, your intentions and grander vision of yourself, Adele's modalities to teach are: calisthenics (bodyweight strength), animal locomotion, and soft acrobatics. These training styles really emphasize not only building strength but mobility, too. To Adele, they are not centered on creating a certain body aesthetic but on creating an inner sense of flow and ease. They are passionate about movement and exercise and deeply understand the importance of paying attention to our energetic anatomy, which is often experienced through the means of emotions, physical sensations, and ancestral patterns. They think part of feeling freer in our bodies is being able to hold space for, appreciate, and unravel what our cells are calling our attention towards so that we can grow. This is why Adele also supports people with emotional processing through the Lifeline Technique, which helps to align the body, mind, and spirit. "Energy never needs to be healed because it can never be broken. But sometimes we need a little support in helping it shift.  For that, I am here."

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Angélica Guerrero (You can call her Angie!) believes in lifting as a practice of loving herself. An athlete in different disciplines since high school and through college – from cross country/long distance track to having fun exploring MMA and climbing – lifting is important to Angie as a practice of conscious bodily autonomy. Building power has taught her to take care of her body and belong in it. Angie first realized she wanted to begin taking HRT after a heavy deadlift set, and since then, has known that queer and trans people should lift. Angie believes everyone should have access to sport, and wants to build connections with people who are also excited about bringing athletic training to everyone. There are too many chuds in lifting, and deadlifts are very useful for flipping cop cars. Her inspirations include Megan thee Stallion, Tupac, Yukio Mishima, Gerald Horne interviews, strippers, the physical culture organizations of early 20th century socialists, and the trans girls who are always the ones on the frontlines of the riot and organizing your local rave. Angie demands transgender liberation in athletics, and further research and study of the experiences of transgender athletes.

Val is a Queer Latina fitness trainer and all around hype-woman living in Oakland, CA. Her ultra-supportive and accepting training style energizes and encourages her clients to embrace the joys and humor of fitness. Her offerings include boxing, HIIT, core, circuit, and personal training for all levels. 

Boxing for Bae's is the ultimate energy boost! Join coach Val to build strength, gain confidence, and just straight-up punch some stuff! You're guaranteed to make some new friends and leave sweaty. All levels are welcome, and instruction includes foundational skills to hone your ability and prevent injury in this fun, high-contact sport.


I began my own movement and embodiment practice about fifteen years ago, as a means to alleviate the chronic pain and illness I’ve experienced since childhood. As a young artist and knowledge seeker, learning things like yoga, meditation, self-defense, strength training programs such as TRX and CrossFiteing alive! 

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Reduced Rate POC
Personal Training Program

We know that lots of folks might be considering fitness as a method self care and better health. But we also understand that taking the first step in a fitness journey can be intimidating.

It’s been shown that one of the best ways to overcome this uncertainty is through personalized, one on one training - a service we proudly offer at Radically Fit. However, there are often financial barriers which make personal training seem out of reach to underserved communities of color.

In support of Radically Fit's mission to center the needs to queer and trans people of color, we are are excited to share news of our BIPOC Personal Training Program.

4 Incredible Weeks is Just the Beginning

As part of our BIPOC Personal Training Program (BIPOC PTP), we are looking for three people of color to receive one hour of personal training from Luca once per week for a period of four weeks at a reduced rate of $85/hr (normally $150/hr).

Program participants who are not current Radically Fit members will also be able to attend one free class per week of their choosing.

At the end of the four-week program, BIPOC PTP participants are encouraged to continue benefiting from Radically Fit membership with the sliding scale Community Cares Program.

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