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At Radically Fit we believe there is no one way to enjoy working out. We provide a diverse set of offerings to help you find what works best for you!

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strength and conditioning class


A mix of HIIT, cardio and weight training focusing on getting better at ONE exercise per week! We want y'all to walk out of the class feeling yourself and all the hard work you just completed in an hour!

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intro class


Turn down for more mobility and flexibility!


We'll teach how to foam roll properly, use lacrosse balls to help facilitate myofascial release and give your body the weekly tune up it may need from all your workouts.

All levels welcome!


strength and conditioning class


A strength and conditioning class built for our POC members. Using weight training and different types of cardio we will build community, strengthen our bodies, empower our hearts & sweat out our frustrations.


All levels welcome! 

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queer and trans specific class


Workshop for transgender and gender non-conforming folx looking for increased mind-body alignment, which can mean anything from getting into being physically active, prepping for or coming back from surgery, to wanting a workout that is more focused on gender identity related goals.


The program is tailored to participants’ individual gender expression/fitness/wellness goals, as well as the group’s general interests. Because of the program structure and to create a comfortable environment where folx can get to know each other, class is kept small. Only people who are signed up for the workshop from the start can attend. 


Class size: max 8 participants (no drop-ins) 

Duration: 8 weeks (up to 3 times per week)

All levels welcome!


strength and conditioning class


A 90-minute barbell and cardio class.


This program will be constantly varied and technically focus on high-intensity strength movements (powerlifting and olympic lifting) followed by a full calisthenics, plyometrics, and body weight workout.


intro class


This dance class is a mix of choreography and strength training!

Get your heart rate up and your muscles burning to fun music with Nicky!

Experience a spectrum of expression - slow, smooth, fast, sharp, hard, soft - with space to integrate yourself, your style and what feels good for your body in the moment.

intro class


Reclaim your body. Reclaim your space. The goal of this freestyle, explorative dance class is to awaken your body. Light choreography, guided prompts and a fluid playlist will help you feel your body and fully realize its power. 


We aim to create a warm, tender and strong space where your body - in whatever state it shows up that day - can move more freely.

Accessible to all dance levels. 

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strength and conditioning class


The key ingredients in the recipe to kicking ass: STRENGTH and CONDITIONING!


This class will teach you elements of functional lifting, and then get your heart racing through the roof, leaving you feeling empowered... and exhausted!

strength and conditioning class


Let’s sweat together! You’ll be up and running the whole class and before you know it the hour will be over.


This class focuses on High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) through circuits. We'll emphasize weight based exercises and core strength.


One can transition into more advanced stages, including a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced. 

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strength and conditioning class


If it's hard for you to get to the gym during the morning or evening, we're offering a new lunchtime hour of power! In true Lindsey fashion this is a strength and conditioning class that will leave you feeling pumped for the rest of your day.


All levels welcome!


intro class


This class is specifically designed with beginners in mind! We will walk you through basic foundational movements at your own pace to ensure proper form and keeping you safe from injury!


This is a great class to start if you're feeling unsure about jumping into other classes, and a great stepping stone to get your confidence and knowledge ready for all of the fitness classes we offer! 

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strength and conditioning class


Come get your Sunday Funday sweat on with Lina! She'll prepare a great playlist for you to move your body to.


This class has a variety of HIIT elements as well as plyometric exercises and some weight training. It's a great way to close out your weekend!


strength and conditioning class


A mix of kickboxing, boxing and calisthenics to get your heart rate pumping! Hitting shit (safely) can be super cathartic, so this is a great class to come and heal in.


We strive to keep this space free of toxic masculinity found in traditional boxing spaces.

All levels welcome! 

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intro class


This class focuses on foundational barbell movements. This class is for all beginners interested in powerlifting. In this class you will learn the proper form for squatting, deadlifting, bench press and overhead press. 

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