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Want more 1-on-1 instruction and personalized workout regimens to help meet your needs, goals and desires? Our personal trainers, Emmet and Lindsey, are available for 1 hour sessions.


Please contact us for more information about timing and availability.


Kay B.

I seriously hated working out until I started training with Lindsey. She understands where you are physically and works with you patiently but firmly to get you where you want to be


I was drastically changing my lifestyle in preparation for a surgery. I was dealing with significant muscle imbalances, joint and pain issues, and was about as flexible as a board. I now live an extremely active lifestyle, pain-free. Emmet gave me the building blocks that I needed to take myself to the next level.

Megan S.

She isn't just focused on your physical health, she is truly dedicated to helping the whole person. For Lindsey, her goal isn't just to make me fit, it's to help create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle where working out is an enjoyable aspect of it.


Emmet takes the time to understand my goals both strength-wise and aesthetic-wise and I feel like they really understand the nuances of those goals as they relate to my gender presentation.



Personal training is a truly special service. I have been doing personal training for over 5 years and have worked with folx from all walks of life. Fine tuning the needs of each individual to make them successful is what makes personal training so effective. 


In the end, I am here to help you reach your goals-whatever they may be. I strive to keep workouts new and interesting, challenging and empowering, and most importantly, fun! These workouts can vary from power lifting, olympic lifting, general strength and conditioning using body weight, and dumbbells/kettlebells, or just general foundational movements. You will always feel like you got a hard workout when working with me, but the goal is to have you walk out the door after your session feeling accomplished and excited to come back. 



My main role as a trainer is to support your current goals and future wellbeing. I want you to feel strong and healthy for life, and I believe in building a solid foundation upon which you can then build and maintain your “house”. Collaboration is a big part of how I like to work with people and I am passionate about working together to figure out what variations of exercises work best for you as an individual. Main focus areas include: powerlifting (barbell training), core, balance, gender-affirming training, training while navigating pain/injury, surgery prep and easing back into training post-op.

Our Personal Trainers
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