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We offer unique fitness classes for queer, trans, BIPOC and bigger bodied folks.

In an attempt to continue keeping us safe, Radically Fit still requires members to wear masks inside the gym and we’ll continue to limit class sizes in 2023.

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GNC Baddies

Join our class for trans and gender non-conforming folks looking for increased mind-body alignment.

This can mean anything from  prepping for or coming back from surgery, to wanting a workout that is more focused on gender identity related goals.

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QTBIPOC Pilates!

A class that interweaves slow, rhythmic exercises that will focus on your entire being as a temple - from bottom to top. Intensity and pace will build throughout class to elevate our heart rates and collective energy andexerted through dance cardio and shared movement.


Sweat and have fun with the purpose of endurance training. End with a component of somatic movement to cool down and aid us in collectively calming our nervous systems.

Let's go!

We moved in 2023 and are so excited to grow into this space. Check out our new classes and new instructors!


Please check the schedule for updates...



The Bay Area's radical community gym rooted in fat liberation & joyful movement for all queer, trans, Black and brown folks and their allies, regardless of experience, size or ability.

We're an inclusive, fat positive, radical fitness space that works to be a safer alternative for our community.
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$20 for BIPOC
$49 for Allies

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