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Local Body Therapeutic Touch

Authentic touch therapy with focus on one side of body (front or back, left or right, top or bottom), or specific area of body (extremities only, hands & feet only, cranial only, jaw and throat, chest, buttocks etc.).

This could include connective tissue scraping and cupping therapy especially helpful for scar tissue remediation, injury, sport or athletic focuses/rehab, tendonitis / tendonosis, connective tissue disorder, arthritis, fibromyalgia etc. Valued on a sliding scale from $100 - $150/hr, with sixty minute minimum first session. 


Full Body Therapeutic Touch

Authentic touch therapy with both sides/all of body. With consent and co-navigation, the whole body will be treated wholly and completely without avoiding areas surrounding genitals, breasts, buttocks etc. Helps with pain, anxiety, depression, disability, disassociation, imbalance etc. Contributes to joy, happiness, acceptance, serenity, sleep, circulation, embodiment, agility, strength, stamina etc. Valued on a sliding scale from $125 - $225/hr, with ninety minute minimum first session.

Please contact us for more information about timing and availability.



Howdy, I am Hollywood Texas, a First Spirit healer and practitioner of the first medicine - touch. My bodywork practice stems from my own life-long, deeply seeded need for the very services I am called to provide. I am not a masseuse and I do not perform massage. What I do, is to work with the body to facilitate the participation of the inherent healer within us. My ancestrally founded medicine restores the authentic movements of our bodies’ connective tissues (an unhonored system of homeostasis), through touch. Authentic Fitness is a place where change is made, and change (aka movement) requires a delicate balance of destruction and creation - the language of our body and being. 


Connective tissue is literally holding us together and communicating to everyone (muscle, organ, cell, atom) all the time, by using and utilizing energy to maintain its ability to move, change, grow and release. Whether applying pressured movement or warmth with just my hands and arms, scraping fascia with tools, or using suction cups to uproot tightness and promote blood flow (which houses more healers), it is the sacred language of connective tissue that I speak. This language is authentic movement and it is within every body, only to be found through touch - the first medicine. All services are sacred offerings in service of spirit, and donations are welcome, as is barter or trade for equal value offerings. 

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