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Radically Fit & Gemini Moon Botanicals present

Queer & Well: Cosmic Connectedness

a QTBIPOC wellness fair

This spring join us for another Queer & Well inspired by our cosmic connectedness! We know the personal is political, that we all are interconnected. We feel the importance of strengthening our communities and fortifying our safety as we continue to face the violence & oppression of the systems around us. As we continue to imagine, live, and build the liberatory futures we dream of, Queer & Well aims to nurture ourselves & our community as we know our self-care is inherently tied to our collective care.

We are honored to be joined by special guests including...


Mx. Yaffa (They/She) an acclaimed disabled, autistic, trans, queer, Muslim, and indigenous Palestinian, executive Director of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD) who has received multiple awards for their transformative work around displacement, decolonization, equity, and centering the lived experiences of individuals most impacted by injustice. Yaffa is the author of Blood Orange, a poetry collection about displacement, colonization, and hope building and will be sharing some of their poetry and mutual aide work she's been leading with our community.


shah noor hussein (they/them) a Sudanese writer, multimedia visual artist, and public scholar crafting narratives at the nexus of Black feminist thought and Queer diaspora studies. shah’s research illuminates the significance of women’s cultural remixes through a multimedia study of popular culture in the African diaspora. Through this lens, Sudanese women’s adaptability to shifting political landscapes create contested spaces where national, political agendas can be unsettled, renegotiated, or reinforced.

Jessica Lanyadoo (she/her), astrologer and producer of Ghost of a Podcast will join us for a dialogue. Jessica demonstrates how to live and take action from an informed & aligned politic base, and will dive into how this can support our community care as QTBIPOC folks as we exist under capitalism and white supremacy.


Queer & Well has hosted 70+ vendors, bodyworkers, food pop-ups, workshops, panels discussing how to care for each other, live DJs, drag performances, and musical guests. All the folks involved were Queer and Trans Black folks, Indigenous folks, and people of color.

We aim to nurture community building, bonding & strengthening that can continue beyond our event. This is why we center local BIPOC vendors, organizations, and leaders, so we may connect here, and continue care moving forward. As part of our commitment to our community, we continue to prioritize accessibility for all folks involved!

Our event expands on many ways in which we can nurture our wellness every day, avoiding mainstream wellness culture's hyper fixation on weight loss, toxic diet culture, and white supremacist beauty standards. We know our wellness is not only determined by our physical health, but is deeply intertwined with our mental & emotional health as well as the community around us! We intentionally brought together a spectrum of nourishing offerings, for the mind, body and spirit! We have art, tarot, tattoos, botanicals, apothecaries, herbs & plant allies, community, and so much more & more!

Interested in vending at Queer & Well? We have spots available! Submit your vendor application by April 15th.

Volunteer at Queer & Well, sign up now!

Follow us @RadicallyFitOakland on Instagram to see our Queer & Well vendors, panelists, food vendors & more!

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No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds

email us at for support.


Tickets will be available at the door.

All ages welcome, 12 under free!


Safety & Accessibility Information

  • Please enter through the wheelchair accessible entrance on 28th Street gate. The entrances to the hall includes a wheelchair accessible ramp as well as a flight of stairs


  • Masks are required indoors. We encourage masks outdoors. We will have masks and hand sanitizers available, with fans & open doors and windows to keep air flowing. This is a long event and we invite people to take their time & encourage breaks outdoors whenever needed.

  • Dogs are allowed at the Humanist Hall if trained, nails are trimmed and treated for fleas. We ask that you pick up after your pets when using the outdoor space for a break.

  • 2 gender neutral bathrooms on floor level within the Hall.


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$30 tickets

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Queer & Well: Cosmic Connectedness

a QTBIPOC wellness fair is sponsored by


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