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This new high energy, gender neutral dance class will start your morning with a burst

Do your Friday mornings tend to get off to a slow start? Not anymore. Wake up with Starburst, a new, non-stop movement dance class at Radically Fit.

Starburst will be instructed in a gender neutral way, with movement variations for different bodies provided.

We chatted with Starburst instructor, Nicky, a queer pinay, about what folks can expect from this new morning energizer.

What kind of dance class is Starburst?

“Starburst is a constant movement kind of class,” said Nicky. “We’re going to warm up and wake up every part of your body. That means we’ll be sure to start with a nice, deep warm up so that we can really feel every single part of our body before we dive in to choreography.”

Starburst instructor, Nicky, a queer pinay,

Speaking of choreo… will it be accessible to beginners?

“Definitely. The choreography will be simple enough so that folx can quickly pick it up. It also has space in it so that folx can add their own flavor and movement," said Nicky. "What’s nice about early morning dancing is that you get out of your head. Your eyes take the choreography in and then translates the choreography to your body."

Amazing! So this class will be for folx who have danced before, but also for folx who are newer to moving their body in that way.

“Exactly,” said Nicky. “You won’t overthink it. You won’t just be standing there trying to figure out what counts there are and when. This class is designed to enable you to really get into it and feel it in your body.”

“Another way I make this class fun for beginners is that the choreography repeats," explained Nicky. "There will be simple base movements that a person can build up and take to the next level. You can totally find the right level for yourself.”

How will Starburst be different from your Monday night class, Expanding Through Dance?

“Ah, Starburst will make you sweat, says Nicky.” It will definitely get your heart rate up in a way that Expanding Through Dance might not. It’s higher energy, so it will leave you with a nice burst of energy after the class.”

Join us for Starburst Fridays from 7:00 - 8:00am. Starburst will be on the schedule for the month of July only, so be sure to sign up while you can!

Never been to Radically Fit? You can try Starburst for free here.


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