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Meet Radically Fit, Oakland's Queer, Trans, POC and Fat Positive Gym

Radically Fit is a truly special place. So many people have been held, empowered and seen here since we opened our doors last year. Last month we had a videographer come in and help us make something that would reflect the experiences folx have here on the daily. And I am so excited to share this video. It made me cry tears of pride, love and awe. We wanted to share this with y’all during Pride week because while the mainstream Pride culture will have people drinking their rainbow Vodka, or taking their Rainbow colored Lyfts- we want to remind the folx that are always left out of the Pride narrative that there are spaces created FOR YOU. These spaces exist to ensure your safety, ensure you feel seen and heard and fight to hold space for you in and outside of them. Our little, radical, badass, queer, trans POC, FAT gym is rooting for all of you. Everyday.

If you love us, and love what we’re doing and want a tangible way to support us-please share this video! We want to get the word out about this amazing place so folx will come join us, and folx who don’t live close can have a chance to see a business they can financially support this Pride!

The video can be found here on Facebook, here on Instagram and here on YouTube. Thank you to Valerie Sepeda for filming us, thank you to all of our amazing members who came out to film and thank you to all of our supporters near and far.


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