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Pay it Forward: New Name, Same Membership

Fitness looks different for different people - sometimes that means coming to the gym four times a week, other times it’s just Saturday mornings. Either way, it should never be a one size fits all situation.

That’s one reason why we offer a variety of membership options at Radically Fit. Many folx are familiar with our super unique Community Cares, a sliding scale membership that ensures anyone can come to Radically Fit, regardless of financial limitations. But have you heard of our Unlimited Plus membership?

More than just a membership option

Folx with the Unlimited Plus membership can come to Radically Fit as often as they want each month, but more importantly, $50 per month of this membership option pays for gym access for folx on the Community Cares membership.

We’re so happy to be able to offer a membership option like Community Cares that makes our safe fitness environment accessible to less financially able members of Oakland’s LGBTQ community. In fact that’s literally what Radically Fit is here for - to center folks traditionally left out of the fitness narrative.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Did you know that a significant portion of Radically Fit’s community comes to the gym on the Community Cares membership? That means that most people who come to Radically Fit do so on a “pay what you can” basis - some folks paying less than $10 per month.

The reason we’re able to offer Community Cares memberships to so many folx is because of folx who sign up for the Unlimited Plus membership.

Same great membership, new name

The little-known Unlimited Plus membership option is so important to Radically Fit’s Community that we thought it was time to give it a new, more descriptive name. That’s why renaming it to the Pay it Forward membership.

It is our hope that with this new name, folks will better understand just how big a role the Pay it Forward membership plays in Radically Fit’s community.

You can learn more about Radically Fit’s membership options here. You can learn more about how to financially contribute to Radically Fit here.


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