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QTPOC: Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey with Special Personal Training

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

We know that lots of folx might be considering fitness as a method self care and better health. But we also understand that taking the first step in a fitness journey can be intimidating.

It’s been shown that one of the best ways to overcome this uncertainty is through personalized, one on one training - a service we proudly offer at Radically Fit. However, there are often financial barriers which make personal training seem out of reach to underserved communities of color.

In support of Radically Fit's mission to center the needs to queer and trans people of color, we are are excited to share news of our POC Personal Training Program.

4 Incredible Weeks is Just the Beginning

As part of our POC Personal Training Program (POC PTP), we are looking for three people of color to receive one hour of personal training from Lindsey, a queer Latina woman of color. Training sessions will occur once per week for a period of four weeks at a reduced rate of $40/hr (normally $85/hr).

Program participants who are not current Radically Fit members will also be able to attend one free class per week of their choosing.

At the end of the four-week program, POC PTP participants are welcome to continue benefiting from Radically Fit membership with the sliding scale Community Cares Program.

What Folx Are Saying

We asked POC PTP participant Koja A. if they could share their experience. Here's what they said.

"After 2 years of cancer treatment, I lost most of the muscle I had. I was pretty convinced the days of my enjoying exercise and building strength were behind me. Especially as a working class, Butch, woman of color who felt weak and disconnected from her new body. And then I stumbled across Lindsey and Radically Fit. I was accepted into a month long POC Personal Training program and the experience was better than I could have hoped for. The opportunity to work-out (and be trained by) folks who are primarily POC and queer has opened up my world and how I feel about my post-cancer body. My month of training is over, but I am continuing with Lindsey and have happily joined the Radically Fit community. This place is truly awesome. What these folks are doing for their community is inspiring. Walk in the door, nervous or not. You won't be sorry."

Join Us!

If you have questions or know anyone who would benefit from the POC PTP, please email Lindsey at:


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